LeftLion issue #46 Cover Art

This is the cover art shoot for Nottingham's Arts and Culture magazine, LeftLion issue #46. Shot on location in Nottingham.

The cover art is painted by graffiti artist, Dilk.

We wanted to make a film that shows an artist and craftsman at work rather than just document the process of painting a mural. We concentrated on the details - little things that an artist does to make their work their own. We also wanted to create a film that works as a piece of art in its own right.

The music is a bespoke commission for this film and is by Alex Herington, aka Ultrastate.

For more information on the people involved, visit the links below:
Artist - Dilk: montanashopnottingham.com
Film - Tom Walsh: polymathematics.co.uk
Music - Alex Herington: ultrastate.co.uk
Publication - LeftLion: leftlion.co.uk

Tags: documentary graffiti promo